Cervical Support & Neck Support

cervical collar, also known as a neck brace or C-collar, is used to support the cervical portion of the head and spinal cord. It limits the neck and spine's movements and allows an injury to heal, and may help prevent one from occurring as well. A cervical collar is also used to hold neck in place  to reduce pain and to help healing. Collars are also sometimes used to treat bouts of neck pain, and to realign one's spinal cord.

There are four basic types of cervical collars: soft, gel-filled hot or cold packs, foam immobilizers and SOMI braces. They fit securely around the neck and upper body, typically with Velcro or other simple straps. They come in various sizes. Neck braces are normally to be worn at all times, including when asleep.

Cervical pillows are  travel or bed pillows designed to support a person’s head and neck and may be individually suited to a person’s orthopedic cervical support needs. A cervical pillow corrects a person’s resting position so that his head and neck are at the optimal angles to the torso and the resting surface. This relieves cervical tension and enhances relaxation. These pillows generally rise where the neck will be and depress where the head is meant to rest. Some of these pillows come with special foam which retains its shape even after repetitive use and thus helps patient retain optimum position thereby reducing initial neck pain.

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