Elbow Support

An elbow support can refer to a variety of devices that may help reduce pain of slight elbow injuries, especially ones like tennis or golf elbow. These supports are sometimes recommended for pain in the forearm, wrist, and/or hand, too. Tennis elbow or Golf elbow commonly occurs during gripping activities such as using a hammer or screwdriver. Wearing a tennis elbow strap or support during these gripping activities can help prevent tennis elbow and can reduce the symptoms if you have tennis elbow and can't avoid work related gripping activities.

Many elbow support types wrap around the elbow and are attached with material like Velcro®. They provide some stability and may slightly restrict joint movement. Though outer material is occasionally stretchy, a number of these supports have soft lining to promote greater comfort. A lot of people choose this kind of elbow support to wear during daily activities that might stress an already painful elbow joint. People should be aware support is usually not adequate if conditions like golf or tennis elbow are still flaring. This is especially the case when the person is doing things that really stress the joint, such as significant physical activity, or the activity that potentially caused the condition.

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