Ankle Support

Binders / Wraps and moderate / maximum support braces, and splints are the most commonly used supports.

An elastic binder / wrap ankle support is used to compress the affected area without restricting movement. It may be in the form of a long bandage or a pull-on sock. Often used for arthritis pain or minor sprains, this flexible brace offers comfort and stability as well as prevent injury for those with a weakened joint.

Moderate / maximum braces for ankle support are used for sprains or other ligament injuries. Often, these types of injuries cause pain when walking, stiffness, and swelling. It offers more rigid panels to stabilize the ankle, compress the area, prevent the ankle from rotating inward or outward, and allow ambulation with decreased pain.

splint may be prescribed for fractures of the foot or ankle, severe sprains, or post-operatively for protection and support. The outer shell is typically rigid with padding of either a quilted breathable fabric or air-filled cells. Splints are generally fastened securely with Velcro straps.

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