Finger Support

Finger splints are sometimes used to hold a finger in place to keep it from moving, such as when a finger is sprained or broken. They can also be used to increase the range of motion of a finger that has contracted into a bent position and needs constant stretching. They are useful for treating and protecting a hyperflexion injury, when the finger has been bent back, and finger injuries caused by impact or crushing during sport or work.

There are various types of braces to choose from, and typically the best finger braces are those that correspond to the type of finger injury you are dealing with. Mallet finger, for instance, is a finger deformity where the finger curves in and is unable to straighten out without support. Since this injury affects the tip of the finger, a stack finger splint is likely to be used. A stack finger brace covers the tip of the finger down past the distal joint, the one nearest the nail bed. The brace holds the finger straight and allows normal fingertip extension to be restored.

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