Foot Support

Foot supports can be broadly classified in to Cushions,Pads & Arches, Shoes, Wraps and Splints., Stocking 

Heal cushions, Arch Supports, Full Foot Insoles and Toe separators are regularly recommended by physiotherapists, podiatrists and orthotics for the relief of foot pain, heel pain, shin pain, knee pain and back pain.

A strained foot can be the result of a fall, over-stretching the muscles or tendons, and twisting the foot. Moving the strained foot and/ or exerting weight on it can cause pain and swelling. A compression wrap can also help improve circulation and relieve pain and swelling. It is important that the compression wrap not be applied too tight, as this can impeded circulation and slow healing.

When foot has been cast due to fracture, a cast shoe is also recommended. A cast shoe is one designed to fit over a cast, typically a walking cast. People wear cast shoes to protect their casts and to help them walk as normally and comfortably as possible while wearing the cast. 

foot night splint is a device designed to be worn on the foot at night as part of a treatment for a podiatric condition. In the case of a foot night splint, the device is usually meant to hold the foot in a flexed position overnight. Keeping the foot in position can limit pain and give structures in the foot time to heal from injuries.

Tynor Foot Raiser D-24 Tynor Foot Raiser D-24
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Tynor Foot Raiser D-24

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Product Description :Foot raiser is designed to lift, support and stabilize the ankle in the dorsiflexion position for patients with foot drop. It is a versatile device which is equally suitable, to a..

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