Limco Oxygen Cylinder Key Spanner Double Sided

Limco Oxygen Cylinder Key Spanner Double Sided

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Oxygen Two in One Spanner: Description: Spanner for Oxygen gas Cylinder , Nitrous Oxide gas cylinder and Dry air & Nitrogen gas cylinder. Used for Opening and tightening spindles of B type and Bulk Oxygen Cylinders and fitting Mox and FA valve regulators to cylinders. This is used in hospitals, nursing home, Diagnostic centers, Home care patients,clinics. It is used for fitting the FA Valve regulator, Single stage single gauge regulator, Single stage double gauge regulator, Double stage regulator to Oxygen cylinder. Process for Using the spanner: To fit the regulator, tight the bull nose nut in clock wise direction. and open the spindle slowly to release the gas. You can see the gauge showing the pressure of the cylinder and use the gas by releasing nob in anti clock wise direction. This is also used for fitting Dry air regulator, Nitrous Oxide regulator to the respective gas cylinder. The application of the spanner is to fit the regulator to the cylinder. This is also used for opening and closing the spindle for releasing and stopping the gas and to tight the valve nut. The other end of the spanner is used to for repair and change the gauge. As this is for multipurpose, it is called two in one spanner in health care Industry. It is chrome plated for elegant look and to avoid rust. It is made of forging Mild steel. This is also generally supplied as a spare part along with anesthesia machine. It is generally maintained at Medical oxygen gas plants in Hospitals. This can also be used for tightening the valve nut of cylinder. This is done in case of any leakage of gas from spindle side. This is also used in Ambulance along with portable oxygen cylinder. Replace the spanner once in an year as there may wear and tare in hospital to avoid bull nose damage.

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